Welcome to Canvas & Cotton, a range of delightfully vibrant, outdoor clothing from the heart of France that we are delighted to introduce to the UK.

As outdoor enthusiasts and avid explorers, we stumbled across the Mousqueton range whilst touring France in the Spring of 2014. It was akin to unearthing a secret cove or a hidden path, we simply couldn’t wait to get home and share our secret with the world! The clothing perfectly encapsulates the spirit of adventure with a series of contemporary twists on the classic Breton style. It's safe to say, they had us at Bonjour!

Designed in beautiful Brittany, taking inspiration from the sea and presented in an eye-catching array of colours, this is fashionable leisure wear for those who love the outdoors. The garments are lovingly crafted from natural fibres and are designed to be comfortable, sturdy and water resistant, perfect for walking, sailing or days spent on the saddle.

We want Canvas & Cotton to finally reach those who, like us, appreciate everything that an outdoor lifestyle equates to; mud, sunshine, wind, rain...and the pub at the end of a hard day exposed to the elements! This website contains but a snippet of our full range and in the coming months we’ll be adding to our on-line offering. If there’s an item you’re searching for that is not displayed on the website, please give us a call or find us at any of the events we’ll be attending in the near future. And please don’t forget to share our secret!

For us, Canvas & Cotton is that ‘off the beaten track’ discovery that you simply have to tell your friends about. The one that makes every adventure worthwhile. That turns all those soggy feet, muddy mishaps and aching backs into delightful punctuation, describing a wonderful story. We know you’ll love discovering this clothing time and time again, just as we do.  Enjoy!

Penny & Graham Layton





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